Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

It's time to say good bye to 2014, and welcome 2015!  We want to wish you all a happy, and safe, New Year!

Keep in mind, New Year's parties can be a problem for your four-legged kids.

#1 - Loud music - With any party you may host, playing music loudly can be bothersome to your dogs.  Their hearing is much more sensitive than ours.  If you are going to be playing loud music, keep your dogs in a room that is away from all the festivities and the music will be muffled.

#2 - Party food - Many foods that we put out at parties can be harmful to our pets.  Ask your guests, politely, to not feed your pets from their plates.  Keep all alcohol out of the reach of your pets.  Many parties include desserts and candies.  While some people food can cause vomiting or diarrhea, others, like chocolate, grapes & raisins, can be toxic to pets.,   Keep all foods up on tables and counters where your pets are less likely to be able to get to them.

#3 - Fireworks - Celebrating the new year, usually brings out fireworks, and sometimes even guns, for marking the midnight hour.  The loud pops and bangs from gunfire and fireworks can startle your pets and make them want to run out a door, jump a fence, or hide under furniture.  Keep them in a room with a TV on at a lower volume to help distract them from the loud noises outside.

#4 - Open doors - Every time a guest enters, or even leaves, your house, the door will open.  Dogs and cats may see this as an opportunity to go outside.  Make sure that your microchip information is up to date.  If your pet is not microchipped, be sure to have their most recent Rabies and/or identification tags on their collars.

The Animal Hospital of Avon will be closed at noon on New Year's Eve, and all day New Year's Day.  We will re-open on Friday and return to normal business hours.
If you have an after hours emergency needs, please contact one of the following clinics:
Airport Animal Emergi-Center, 5235 W. Washington St, Indianapolis - Open after hours - (317) 248-0832
IndyVet Emergency & Specialty Hospital, 5425 Victory Dr, Indianapolis - Emergency Department is open 24/7 - (317) 782-4418
Circle City Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital, 9650 Mayflower Park Dr, Carmel - Emergency Department is open 24/7