Friday, June 13, 2014

Dr. Campbell says Good-bye. :(

Almost 13 years ago, while still in high school, I began my employment at Animal Hospital of Avon and Rockville Road Animal Hospital.  My first day on the job, a fresh-faced assistant with zero experience, I was only trusted to follow Dr. Richards around to erase the scuffs his shoes made on the newly waxed floor and clean out the freezer of a forgotten exploded Pepsi can…and I loved every minute of it.  I was so excited to be around cats and dogs on a daily basis and work with a group of people that were more than a team, they were a family.  Slowly my responsibilities progressed and the skills I developed with the experiences I had there became the basis of my application to Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine.  Throughout my time at Purdue, I would return on breaks and vacations to squeeze in as much time as I could at my second home.  As fate had it, when the time came to graduate from school, they were in need of a full-time veterinarian!  What better place to start out than in the comfort of your own home! 
As you all know, working at an animal clinic is one of high stress, emotion, excitement and sadness.  Adjusting to these ups and downs was difficult but bearable when surrounded by such a fantastic staff and clientele.  It is very rare to find a group of people like these who genuinely care for all of their clients and patients.   My time here has been extraordinary, but unfortunately life has taken me in a new direction.        
I’m saddened to announce officially that by the end of May I will be no longer a part of the fantastic teams of Rockville Road Animal Hospital and Animal Hospital of Avon.  I cannot thank my staff, colleagues, and bosses enough for all that you have done to support me and contribute deeply to the type of veterinarian I am today and strive to become.  We will forever be family.

With Love,

Rachael  (Dr. Campbell)

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